Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So... We finally got to see the freshly released version of the Flash's speed suit. 
Among fans, I think, its likely going to raise more questions than deliver a satisfying rendition of the Flash, as the CW network producers may have intended..

There are two versions of the suit that the Flash is known to use: the first is a self-constructed material/fabric invention of Barry's that expands when in contact with air and he conceals it inside a secret compartment within his class ring. 
When trouble arose, he'd release the suit from his ring and change into it in an instant.

It's rather important to note that this is how, classically, Barry Allen was able to transform into the iconic Flash in the blink of an eye. (What was never explained, however, was how the circutry in his bolt earpieces also shrunk to fit inside.) 

The other is a creation of the writer Mark Waid, pioneered by Wally West, and it is a version of the suit made from the Speed Force. This latter version is the current one, appropriated by Barry after the reboot. As illustrated, Barry is enveloped by an aura that forms the suit around him as he rushes forward...

So, to recap: one is a thin, ultra-sleek scienctifically crafted second skin while the other is a "magical" construct of the Speed Force. 

This is neither. 

The problems with the suit are obvious: it appears to suggest a movement-limiting leather armor, not unlike speed biker gear. I keep half expecting to find DUCATI stenciled along the back of this jacket. 
Doesn't it resemble a pilot's suit? 
Now let's compare this latest mistake to the John Wesley Shipp Flash costume from the early 90s TV show:

Despite the typical 90s narcissistic edge evident in this ridiculously beefed up version, at least the designers got the color basics & idea correct. (Wally's suit was a darker red hue than his Uncle Barry's) 
However, the actor in this show had a difficult time portraying the Flash as the swift, agile hero of Central City due to the layers of foam padding in his bulky suit, particularly in the neck area. 
He could not turn his head in any sort of dynamic manner, but had to awkwardly twist his whole torso to look in different directions. 
It came across as if the producers of the show had never picked up the source material to get a clear understanding that the Flash is not a muscle-bound thuggish figure, but a subtly well-toned sprinter scientist who fights with his intellect and speed. Instead, they opted to create a nocturnal vigilante type...
They attempted to "Batmanize"the Flash and the show eventually flunked out.  
Incidentally, in the 90s show it was explained that S.T.A.R. labs afforded Barry the friction resistant speed suit since conventional clothing burned up. Tina McGee (the only person who knew his secret) also included a cowl, so as to protect his identity. We might guess that a similar explanation could be proposed on this show because of its busy, non-cosmic design.  

It's really not a very convincing classic Flash. If anything, it resembles the recent video game version from INJUSTICE:

Meanwhile, Cosplayers seem to have a much better handle on the essence of the character, as demonstrated at various times in comic & collectibles conventions all over the US... Makes one wonder why, with so many excellent examples of ingenuity merged with continuity, the show creators insist on meddling with established characters they do not seem to understand.

I leave you with just a few examples I've collected from the net illustrating this point...

Well.. I guess we'll have to wait & see how it all works out..

At least they could've tried to get the colors right... :\

What do you think?